So you want a new career... 

Do you live in Australia or England? Are you fed up in your current job and want a change? Do you suspect that a new company will not bridirection1ng the satisfaction you really desire? Then a career change is possibly for you. You have probably thought about this before but decided that it is too risky to give up what you know. Perhaps you have family or mortgage commitments which mean you need a proper income every month. Going back to college in order to achieve your dream just might not be realistic if it means relying on casual work to support yourself. Or perhaps you are in that category gently classed as 'mature' and you think you are too old to change career?

The solution...

Some occupations are easier to move into as a second career than others. Those careers have certain features - some have self employment opportunities, some welcome the experience brought by older entrants, while other great career options require qualifications which can now be studied via distance learning or part time courses. This means that you can hold down a 'proper' job, perhaps even the one you have now, while qualifying. But how do you find out which careers have these features and which give the best opportunities for the mature career changer? Research has uncovered 50 such careers which are detailed in an e-book entitled '50 Career Changes'. As well as detailed coverage about the 50 careers, there is a step by step process to help you identify which of these careers might be best for you.


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